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Wedding Set Jarný mix

Door Wreath Jarný mix

Door wedding wreath symbolizes glory, honour and joy. The wreath should be richly docrated and arouse cheerful impression. Flowers in this wreath correspond with those in the bridal bouquet.

Approximate price: €67.50

Chair Garland Jarný mix

Garland is ideal for decorating the chairs, church benches or simply for garden party. It can be made in various color combinations and varieties.

Approximate price: €61.00

Hair Decoration Jemnosť

Gentleness, that's the substance of this hair decoration. Flowers of mini green cymbidium orchids and three white freesias will add a perfect charm to your hair-do. A hairdresser can simply stich the flowers into your hair-do.

Approximate price: €21.80

Bridesmaids Bouquets Romantika

Gentle romantic bouquet of pink dianthus and white gypsophila will definitely delight those most demanding. Bridesmaids bouquet is decorated with pink satin ribbon and pearl pin-head.

Approximate price: €20.00