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Wedding set Romantická čipka

Wedding Bouquet Romantická čipka

Simplicity is beauty as evidenced by the wedding bouquet of white gypsophilia (which may be in the pink version). It fits like a lace wedding gown, very well decorated and the simple wedding gown. Feather for the groom is also from these small florets. Romantic lace wedding bouquet is tied with satin, white ribbon.

Approximate price: €76.80

Decorative Wreath Romantická gypsa

Delicate wreath honestly made of tiny gypsophila flowers is a nice delicate decoration that can be hanged anywhere. This type of wreath can be used even as a car decoration. It is finished with soft ribbon tied into a bow on which the wreath can be hanged. The wreath can also be made in pink color or of purple limonium.

Approximate price: €60.00

Hanging Ball Biele kvietky

Romantic hanging ball, made up of florets gypsophilia, interlinked with satin ribbon. It acts as pretty and delicate decoration.

Approximate price: €25.00

Hair Wreath Malá družička

Cute soft wreath of tiny gypsophila flowers can be made in white and pink color or a combination of both. It is tied with a soft satin ribbon that is formed into a flowing bow.

Approximate price: €46.00

Wreath from White Flowers

White wreath, 20 cm in diameter, made of white chrysanthemum flowers and small gypsophilia, the jewel to every wedding table, whether in its center you put a candle or a nice candle holder, can also be hung up.

Approximate price: €26.80

Decoration Jemná dokonalosť

As softness of gypsophilia gives right look to wedding so the bride will be thrilled by the decor.

Approximate price: €18.90

Decoration Biela gypsa

Simplicity of these tiny flowers creates a nice atmosphere, beauty lies in simplicity.Gypsophila also exists in pink.


Approximate price excluding vase.

Approximate price: €56.00