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Wedding Set Ruže

Wedding Bouquet Ruže

This wedding bouquet is bound of in the "biedermeier" style. Beautiful pink roses are decorated with white pearls. The bouquet is bound with white satin ribbon pinned with decorative pins.

Approximate price: €92.30

Car Decoration Ruže

The core of this decoration are four small suckers decorated with roses and green leaves of salal. Individual bouquets are connected with white pedig and grass. When they are placed on the car, they make a heart shape.

Approximate price: €48.00

Ikebana for Main Table Ruža

Ikebana Ruža for main table represents classic long-shaped ikebanas. This style is one of the traditional and favorite ones. Simplicity of soft pink tones can be substituted with any other rose color.

Approximate price: €55.00

Small Ikebana for Table Glass

A very small glass vase can be filled with fruit if you wish. It is suitable for banquet tables. The simplicity is complemented with gel balls and freesia. Flowers can be in various colors and sizes. The more various, the more interesting and prittier.

Approximate price without glass: 13,00 €

Approximate price: €13.00