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Wedding Set Elegancia

Wedding Bouquet Elegancia

Elegant bridal bouquet of white callas is decorated with green beargrass and gently bound with white satin ribbon. It is ideal for taller brides and it nicely matches a simple cut of wedding dress. This bouquet it one of the most wanted.


Reference to this bouquet Elegancia can be found at: Wedding Elegancia

Approximate price: €68.00

Groom Boutonniere Elegancia

Groom boutonniere inherently belongs to a bridal bouquet. They need to be matching. In this case, it is naturally white calla with a gentle decoration. 

Approximate price: €8.50

Corsage Elegancia

An unorthodox solution of bridesmaids' or bride's mother's bouquet is a bracelet, necklace or purse made of flowers. We take into account the color of gown while making these decorations.

Approximate price: €26.80

Flower Decoration Jednoduchosť cally

Simply elegant snow-white callas in tall glass vase will please your eyes. Flower decoration Jednoduchosť cally can also be in different color.


Approximate price is without the vase.

Approximate price: €19.50

Decoration Vase Elegancia

Simple and elegant arrangement of loose flowers in the vase. This can be used in the interior as well as in the exterior.


Reference can be found at: Wedding Elegancia


The price of decoration is without the glass for one vase.

Approximate price: €58.00

Hanging Heart Elegancia

This wedding heart can be made in any color composition. It is complemented with branches of ivy and two satin bows, The base is made of light material that enables the heart to be hanged anywhere.


Reference to this product can be found at: Wedding Elegancia

Approximate price: €43.00

Ikebana for Main Table Elegancia

Nice, gentle, decently looking arrangement for the main table consists of callas, white gypsophila blossoms and chrysanthemums. It is complemented with greenery, satin ribbon, decorative wire, and beads.


Photos of main arrangement can be found in references at: Wedding Elegancia

Approximate price: €78.00

Carriage Decoration Elegancia

If you have a carriage available for your wedding, we can beautifully decorate it with flowers.


The carriage decoration can also be found in references at: Wedding Elegancia


Price is for two pieces of arrangements. 

Approximate price: €158.00

Small Ikebana for Table Elegancia

Gentle decorative arrangement of three white calla bossoms and chrysanthemum flowers is complemented with three floating candles. When you light them up, they will nicely burn floating on the flower surface.


Ikebana can be found in our references at: Wedding Elegancia


Price of the arrangement is without the glass.

Approximate price: €17.80