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Wedding set Sweet Doll

Wedding Bouquet Sweet Doll

Like for a princess - delicate but luxurious. This wedding bouquet is for a woman who feels like a princess. The wedding was realized in the same tone.


Reference can be found at: Wedding Sweet Doll


Approximate price includes boutuonniere.

Approximate price: €113.00

Boutonniere Sweet Doll

Groom's boutonniere is in sweet colors and it was inspired by bride's bouquet.


Reference can be found at: Wedding Sweet Doll

Approximate price: €10.80

Ikebana for Main Table Sweet Doll

Ikebana Sweet Doll in combination pink, white and powdery colors in combination of roses, spray roses, freesia and bouvardia, decorated with different vegetation forms a compact floral arrangement that suits not only the wedding, but also for any other occasion.

Approximate price: €55.00

Decoration in Glass Sweet Doll

Decoration in the dominant glass vase looks very elegant, as it is decorated with pearl chain and wraped in a cream satin. This composition delicate flowers suited for a romantic wedding or celebration.


Approximate price without glass.

Approximate price: €40.00