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Wedding set Scottish Eryngium

Wedding Bouquet Škótsky šarm

Eryngium - purple-blue thistle in the Škótsky šarm bouquet is a Scottish flower. It is softened with the beauty of white roses. These two flower types nicely complement each other. You don't have to be of Scottish descent in order to choose this bridal bouquet.


Reference can be found at: Scottish - slovak wedding

Approximate price: €78.70

Boutonniere Moderný Škót

Eryngium flower suits a modern man who like fashion and styl. Of course, it needs to match the bridal bouquet. The best would be to use eryngium in the bridal bouquet as well.

Approximate price: €5.40

Small Ikebana on Table Škótsky šarm

Round floral arrangement of roses and eryngium with a fine green and hypericum, in the middle of which you can put the candlestick or candle that will beautifully warmth the room where the wedding will take place of your dreams. It can make any color designs according to your requirements.


Approximate price without glass and candle.

Approximate price: €34.90