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Wedding set Provensal

Car decoration Sladký vánok

Pink and white combination of tiny florets is enhanced by red hypericum balls (these balls we can according to your requirements used in green design, cream and salmon design). Beautiful impression is enhanced by eucalypthus and decorated with beautiful ribbon.

Approximate price: €89.50

Mirror decoration Sladký vánok

Posy is made of tiny florets of gypsophilia pink and white, red hypericum (which we can diversify even in the color green, cream and salmon). Imaginative hanging ribbons and beads complete the the right look


Price is for one piece.

Approximate price: €14.50

Handle decoration Mašľa

Nice big bow of tulle organza, satin ribbon and pearl beads (which may be in different color).

Approximate price: €5.80

Wedding Bouquet Sweet Doll

Like for a princess - delicate but luxurious. This wedding bouquet is for a woman who feels like a princess. The wedding was realized in the same tone.


Reference can be found at: Wedding Sweet Doll


Approximate price includes boutuonniere.

Approximate price: €113.00

Boutonniere Sweet Doll

Groom's boutonniere is in sweet colors and it was inspired by bride's bouquet.


Reference can be found at: Wedding Sweet Doll

Approximate price: €10.80

Hanging Ball Biele kvietky

Romantic hanging ball, made up of florets gypsophilia, interlinked with satin ribbon. It acts as pretty and delicate decoration.

Approximate price: €25.00