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Wedding set Nesmrteľná červená Galérie Kvetín

Wedding bouquet Nesmrteľná červená Galérie Kvetín

Immortal combination of red and green in the bridal bouquet has its own charm and magic and will forever top. The wedding bouquet is particularly suitable for extravagant ladies who like to excel. Sophisticated satin-time is of two types of ribbon. Red roses are passion, love, sensuality...

Approximate price includes boutonniere.

Approximate price: €75.00

Boutonniere Nesmrteľná červená Galérie Kvetín

Feather for the groom from red rose stands out as a dark and light suit, wrapped with red satin ribbon. Rose is the queen of the flowers and their top place is also among the flowers in wedding bouquets and feathers.

Approximate price: €6.90

Corsage Nesmrteľná červená Galérie Kvetín

Be unique and more beautiful with the glamorous bracelet that structure is made of soft wire adaptable to the hand that fits every bride :) It is very decorative and elegant. To distinguish it from others, this bracelet is made as for you. Other possible color design as you wish.

Approximate price: €22.00