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Wedding set Farebná jeseň

Wedding bouquet Farebná jeseň

The wedding bouquet is for lover of many colors, autumn term and non-traditional flowers. Posy is rife with exotic colors and types of flowers tied to a freer style, thus creating an impression of being blown away autumn color (color and type can fine-tune your specific requirements). I love these bouquets :)

Reference can be found at Wedding farebná jeseň

Approximate price includes boutonniere.

Approximate price: €89.00
Pierko Farebná jeseň

Boutonniere Farebná jeseň

Typical autumn feather for the groom, which has flair and a touch of autumn. This wedding feather is suitable for the autumn term for a man who has charisma.

Approximate price: €8.20
Pierko pre malého drobca Farebná jeseň

Boutonniere for small wedding guest Farebná jeseň

Small feather wedding for a small wedding guests in style autumn weddings in significant autumn tones. We chose orange and cyclamic colors that complement each other.


Reference can be found at Wedding farebná jeseň

Approximate price: €4.00