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Royal Bouquet 101 roses ❤


Rose is rightly called the Queen of Flowers. Its color, scent and beauty are among the recorders of the plant kingdom as the most beautiful flower. The queen of flowers has its origin in the past, the first time used by the Sapphó poet. The fact that the rose was worshiped and considered to be magnificent, there is no doubt. This is evidenced by the fact that rose has become the subject of the old-fashioned Indian beauties and verses (old Perzia).

That's why the name of our bouquet is distinctive, the royal magnificence of the roses underlines the satin ribbons in two colors - red and purple.

Other color versions are possible. Contact us before making the order.


After receiving the flower, just like any flower, it must be sharpened prior to insertion into the vase to last as long as possible, and you can immediately feed Flower Food, which is attached to each bouquet when ordering for free.

NEW! Free Flower Food - Nutrition for Flowers


101 x rose, ribbon, decoration

Average height of the bouquet: about 60-70 cm

€349.99 (old price)
€249.99 (without VAT)
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