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Flower Vase GK

Flower Vase


Height: 25 cm

Diameter of vase: 15x15 cm

€16.50 (without VAT)
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Gift for bouquet:

Bouquet  Flowers

As from meadow

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Orchid White

Tenderness of white orchid

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Bouquet Snow Fairy

 Snow Fairy bouquet

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Delivery in  2 hoursIf you send bouquet in Bratislava. We always guarantee fresh flowers!Delivery in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
Bouquet Vintage

Meadow romantic

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Bouquet White Love

White roses stand for innocence

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Bouquet Flower Post

Express your love with roses

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Orchid Magenta

Beauty of magenta color

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Roses in Red Satin - in ceramic pot

Arrangement of fresh flowers

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epipremnum pinnatum

Elegant, decorative plant

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