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Flower Box ROSES Mini


Original, flower box full of fresh roses. The box is 8-10 roses, the number of roses may vary from head size to roses. If you are interested in creating a flower box of another color of roses, please write it in the note in the order (if your chosen color is not available, we will call you and choose an alternative color). We can also prepare a mix of colors.

This flower-filled box full of roses was also popular with blogger Sissque and Silvia Kucherenko.

PS: We can prepare this box so that three medium-sized roses will be different in color than the rest, 7 red roses around and 3 white in the center. In this case, we need to write it in the field Notice for us in order formular.

Care for box:

Every second / third day, take some cold water through the center of the box


8-10 roses - number by size and type of roses head, box + decoration

Box diameter: cca 13 cm, box height cca 18-19 cm

€41.66 (without VAT)
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Gift for bouquet:

GUESS Seductive

womens perfume 75ml.

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Candle Hatussa smaragd

Candle Hatussa Rubin smaragd

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Delivery in  2 hoursIf you send bouquet in Bratislava. We always guarantee fresh flowers!Delivery in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

toalet water 50ml 

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Gucci Mémoire d'Une Odeur


Gucci Mémoire d'Une Odeur-40ml

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Becherovka Original  38 % 700 ml

Becherovka Original  38 % 700 ml

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Bouquet 7 roses + Merci

Surprise with Merci

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Davidoff Café Fine Aroma

Davidoff Café Fine Aroma


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