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Anjel Nehy


Hand-made angel, height app. 55 - 60 cm, material used - textile, plaster and paper.


You can only buy this unique angel from us. The biggest value of this artwork is the fact that it is hand-made. Each single piece is unique and everytime different in details. Present it from love, friendship, gratitude or simply as an artwork.

Angel (lat. angelus = herald) - First sketches of angels can be found in ancient Egypt. Back then they were already considered to be mediators between gods and men. Their role is to praise and worship the God, do His commandments, sending God's messages, services to believers, and most of all, representation and protection of children. Their mission is also to protect and help people. Some of them are even protectors of places, nations and countries. Every person has his or her personal angel protector (guardian).

€32.42 (without VAT)
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